about Metigate...

Metigate helps companies to make the most out of the weather. Innovative company specialised in climate business intelligence, Metigate's activity are of two kinds :
  • Licences for Weather-to-action™ software, a tool that enables to automatically adapt commercial and operational actions of an activity, in order to meet customers expectations acording to weather conditions.
  • Consulting services for companies to diagnose the impact of the weather on their acitivties, assess the weather-sensitivity management benefits, and test Weather-to-action™ software.
Metigate helps companies to be successful whatever the weather, and to capitalize on their weather-sensitivity potential. Metigate's value proposition is the control of the impact of the weather to :
  • increase sales
  • tailor customer relationship
  • anticipate stock demand
  • optimize staff management

The project

Metigate combines an expertise in weather, data science and business intelligence in Weather-to-action™ software, to offer the first solution to manage automatically weather impact. This tool is a real breakthrough, enabling the control of the whole process from weather data sourcing to the automatic realisation of actions, without any daily human decision-making.

Metigate's goal, is to make its expertise in weather and data science transparent for the customer, who can focus on the business intelligence side, meaning the instantaneous adaptation of their activities to the weather. For this reason, Metigate's logo represents a dragonfly, symbol of adaptabiltiy and quick direction changes!
Julien Trombini
Chief Executive Officer
Yann Amice
Chief Scientific Officer
Jadd Rifai
Data Scientist
Blandine L'Hévéder
Climatology expert
Bear Studio
Development leader