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What can you do with Weather-to-actionTM ?

I wish to get the best bid for my product.
          Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to include into the bid algorithm the weather impact on the attractiveness of a product. Thus the products and offer within my portfolio are featured at the right time on the internet via the SEA.

I wish to personnalize the messages used for acquisition.
       Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to adapt automatically the message appearing in the search engines. Thus my communication is tailored to the needs of my prospects which in turn allows me to increase the click-through ratio.

I wish to adapt my SEA budget to commercial opportunities.
            Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to increase automatically my SEA budget in order to make the most of commercial opportunities identified when the weather is appropriate, or to the contrary reduce it if weather conditions are not appropriate on my customer catchment area.
Our added value
increase of the click-through ratio
increase of the conversion rate
ROI optimization of your campaigns

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