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What can you do with Weather-to-actionTM ?

I wish to adapt the stocks of the restaurants to the forecasted attendance of the parc in order to meet the expectations of our visitors. 
            Weather-to-actionTM allows me for each type of food product (hot meal, salad, sandwich, ice cream, etc.) to anticipate the weather impact on sales and optimize stock management. Thus sales numbers will be higher for products which are the most favourable and stocks will be reduced for products which are not well suited to the weather conditions.

I wish to organize my staff on the parc where they are most needed in order to maximise customer satisfaction.
            Weather-to-actionTM allows me to identify hot and cold areas on site for the next hours based on weather forecasts. Thus my staff workload and the overall resource needs to manage the parc are optimized.

I wish to improve the visitor experience and my turnover on a rainy day by offering discounts in the shops.
           Weather-to-actionTM allows me to automatically inform the shops about special offers, modify the product barcodes and communicate on social networks.
Our added value
staff management optimization
visitor experience improvement
stocks adjustment
turnover increase

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