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What can you do with Weather-to-actionTM ?

I wish to launch a traffic acquisition campaign in order to sell the Marseille destination.
          Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to boost my Google Adwords bids at the right time in order to make the most of favourable weahter conditions. Thus I improve my campaign ROI.

I wish to personnalize my last minute campaigns to my clients.
       Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to send automatically to each client a newsletter with destinations and messages adapted to their specific past, present and future weather conditions. Thus I improve the opening and click-through rate of my messages.

I wish to offer a panel of touristic activities suited to specific weather conditions.
           Weather-to-actionTM allows me to feature automatically in a digital guide the activities that are most suited to current weather conditions. Thus I improve the overall experience of my clients.
Our added value
increase of the click-through rate
improvement of the touristic experience
increase of the conversion rate
turnover increase

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