Call Center Manager


What can you do with Weather-to-actionTM ?

I wish to inform my staff that a peak of activity is coming.
        Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to send a mailing alert to all my staff. Thus I ensure all my staff is on board and I I am aable to adapt the customer relation procedures to be more efficient.

I am in charge of a boiler maintenance company. I would like to smooth the calling peaks in order to optimize my staff workload.
       Weather-to-ActionTM allows me to automatically send emails, SMS or messages on social networks to my client base in order to suggest them to check their boiler prior to the cold wave. Thus I am able to convert a tense sollicitation time into commercial prospection and improve the overall quality of the service offered to my customers.
Our added value
cost reduction of the call center
improvement of customer satisfaction
increase in sales

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