Metigate Consulting

to help you make the most out of the weather!
Metigate's consulting services are your best asset to unleash your weather potential, and convert it into high added value for your business.
Very quickly, the support of Metigate optimally prepares the implementation of Weather-to-action™ software into your decision process, and relies on the following methodology :
  • an educational support dedicated to your staff through dedicated workshops,
  • the asessment of weather impact on your activity through data science analysis,
  • the provision of Weather-to-action™ software and necessary weather data,
  • the asessment of potential gains for your activity.
In a nutshell, Metigate Consulting's goal is to identify the best approach fo weather-impact management from the followings :
  • increasing sales
  • tailoring customer relationship
  • anticipating stock demand
  • optimizing staff management

Please contact us for a complete diagnosis of your weather potential!

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