Software by Metigate
Weather-to-actionTM transforms rough weather data into ready-to-action information for your activity or your product, and let you take automatic management actions according to weather conditions.

Specifically, Weather-to-actionTM calculates for differents points within a given area, an attractivity index for a weather-sensitive product. It integrates easily into your existing software environement thanks to our Plug&Play technology, hence enabling the automatic addition of weather impact on your company management to signifficaly improve your return on investment.
Features summary :
  • Automatic setup of Weather-to-actionTM according to the optimized product
  • CSV download for attractivity indexes or acces via an API
  • Communications action (SMS/email alerts, mailing list filtering or messages for social networks)
  • Actions de e-marketing (connexion à un ad-server, bids et messages moteurs de recherche, etc.)
  • ERP and CRM software actions
  • Operates all over the world
  • Scans past, current and forecast weather data to tap the full potential of weather-sensitivity
Weather-to-actionTM identifies weather opportunities for a product or an offer and automatically carries out the most relevant actions of communciation, marketing, supply chain and staffing. Necessary weather data to run Weather-to-actionTM are provided by Metigate.

Quite simply, Weather-to-actionTM automaticcaly adds the impact of weather in the business management of our clients, improving significantly thei impact and the return on investment.

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